Power EZ 2 Pool Lift / Boat Access

    The Power EZ 2 Lift is a great economical choice to assist individuals in accessing their pool or spa. This lift provides a fully automatic actuator to raise and lower with 360 degrees manual rotation. The lift can accommodate walls up to 16 inches high and can be set back up to 20 inches from the pool edge. The Power EZ 2 Lift comes with a rotation bar allowing the attendant to rotate the unit with ease. This lift is easily portable for storage and/ or relocation to another pool area.



    The Power EZ 2 Boat Access / Pool Lift offers a battery powered access solution with lifting capabilities up to 400 pounds. An affordable and comfortable sling style seat provides safety and security.

    The Power EZ 2 is easily portable for storage and/or relocation to another dock or pool area. Stainless steel construction and durable powder coat finish ensure long life and corrosion resistance.  The battery operated lift allows the caregiver to be positioned beside the patient at all times while using the handset control. The Power EZ 2 Pool Lift truly shows the ease in the EZ lift series. Also works great as a dock to boat access lift!

    Battery and charger included.


    • 400 lb. (181 kg) weight capacity
    • Setback 12″ – 20″ (31 – 50 cm)
    • Clears walls up to 15″ (38 cm) high
    • 360° manual rotation
    • Adjustable stainless steel chains
    • Durable mesh sling seat (38″ x 20″)
    • Water resistant handset
    • All stainless steel construction
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
    • Five year structural warranty

    Manuals & Instructions

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