Highlander Toe Guard CPL TG400

    Free-standing Highlander Toe Guard CPL TG400 with stationary lower landing walls and gate shields the lift inside. As a self-contained unit, Toe Guard requires minimal construction and is ADA compliant without a hoistway. It’s ideal for exiting sits, where major construction is not possible.


    Harmar TG400 Toe Guard Platform Lift

    Toe Guard CPL: The Toe Guard lift does not require a hoist way and is ideal for exiting sites where major construction is not an option. The stationary lower landing walls and gate shield the vertical platform lift inside. This VPL only needs minimal construction and meets ADA standards. Toe Guard Features: The TG-400 features interlocks that prevent the gate from opening until the lift is at landing level. The top landing includes a 42″ gate, a fire door, RDI interlock or flush strike.

    Warranty: This USA made lift is a durable and reliable choice that is guaranteed to offer you years of service. A 2 year warranty on parts and a 1 Year on outdoor unit is included with this lift.

    Harmar – Leading The Way for Mobility Products: Harmar is a leading manufacturer of electric mobility and accessibility products, including platform lifts and elevators, that help individuals maintain their independence and lifestyle. Platforms and personal elevators accommodate all types of electric mobility products, such as scooters, chairs, and various handicap devices. Each product is designed for its high level of performance and safety. Harmar is committed to make all homes and residential or commercial areas wheelchair accessible. Outdoor porch lifts, hydraulic lifts, vertical lifts, and incline lifts are just a few of the many devices Harmar has created to improve the quality of life for walking impaired individuals.


    • Self contained VPL does not require hoist way
    • Minimal construction needed
    • Meets ADA standards
    • Features interlocks that prevent gate from opening until the lift reaches landing level
    • Top landing accommodates 42″ gate, fire door, CDI interlock or flush strike


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